Do Germans drink warm beer?

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Absolutely. Or wait – it depends

The short answer is it depends what you defne as warm.

Based on beer experts the temperature for beer should be about 45-48 ° Fahrenheit. Since the average fridge in the US is set to about 37°F that will also be the beer temperature. Most Germans – at least the ones that I know – store their beer in the basement, and very often they don’t chill the beer before consumption, Usually the basement doesn’t have a temperature  37 °F, maybe 50 degrees. So if you are used to drink your beer at 33° F and then visit your German friend you may think that Germans drink warm beer.

Actually my Grandma used warm beer as a natural remedy for the common cold. She heated up a beer on the stove, and then drank the beer right before bedtime.

She always said she needed to sweat the germs out of her body. and you can sleep like a baby… I never tried it, maybe next time I have a cold,


One Comment on "Do Germans drink warm beer?"

  1. Manuel on Mon, 7th Feb 2011 8:41 am 

    For me, as a German, the “US cold” was too cold (brain freeze galore!). Softdrinks near freezing temperature :D

    And beer tastes better if its cold, but not chilled (my opinion).